More bad service: Warwick

I’ll keep this one brief. Basically, several Warwick employees and representatives have treated me like crap over an extended period of time, and I want nothing more to do with the brand.

I asked for help finding some bass parts on the Warwick forum, and was met with ridicule and a totally dismissive and condescending attitude, from two forum moderators, a Warwick dealer, and a Warwick “assistant production manager”. I tried to place an order with the NYC custom shop, and I got ignored, lied to, and blown off by them (including the store manager) for almost five months.

Eventually an employee at the NYC shop gave me the email address of the VP of Warwick USA, and emailing that VP did finally get me the parts I needed. But it should not take an angry email to the company’s VP just to get a basic amount of customer service; and having gotten the parts at last does not make up for the repeated mocking and crappy attitude of the company representatives I had to deal with up to that point.

As far as I’m concerned, Warwick –the whole brand– can go fuck themselves and die in a ditch.

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  1. J L S said,

    February 19, 2012 @ 1:54 am

    It’s always baffling when a company fails to meet even the basic requirement of customer service. While some naturally go out of their way to ensure satisfaction, others just plain out don’t give a shit.

    Theres too many to bother with the crappy ones. Warwick doesn’t want your business? Fuck em and move on.

    Glad I googled into your blog, enjoying it very much.

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