Table of Contents

When a 3-star rating fails to communicate
Anarchists, community, and food
Marketing copy writers: quit while you’re ahead!
Conspiracy theories: why they are so compelling
Small-business owners: do you speak for your brand?
Snake oil! (part 1, audio cables)
Snake oil! (part 2, power cables and conditioners)
Snake oil! (part 3, speakers)
Snake oil! (part 4, tubes/valves)
Rack preamps for bass: why designed with low output?
Electro-Harmonix: a love/hate story
An artist more people should know: Henry Fiol
TC Electronic: bad customer service
For balance: brands with good customer service!
The noise you are hearing is perfectly normal.
Belief, coercion, and the desire to be good
Vintage gear: the cons and cons
Smokehouse BBQ stands and gentrification
About the name “OVNI Labs”
Don’t believe everything you think
Pedal builders often get too full of it
Consumers bonding with providers
Greenwashing make Hulk mad
Why no standardization of half-rack units?
Speaking of things designed to not fit…
Adidas shoes: willful idiocy
Mumble mumble in movies

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